Joe voter for Democracy

Who’s side are they on?


The GOP controls a majority of states. Why.

The Republican party can claim about 30% of the voting public. A decided minority.

Exactly how do they maintain a majority control in so many states with such a minority position?

There are arguably three main reasons for this.

  • The states that are red in mid West tend to have smaller more rural populations who tend to vote red.

  • Almost all red states with right wing legislatures gerrymander districts to dilute those voters who would vote liberal.

  • Propaganda that relies on a few very wealthy donors to persuade voters to vote against their own self interest.

This is a problem when it comes to maintaining a democracy and freedom. There is a saying when conservative voters complain about blue states and big cities with lots of liberal voters. “Dirt does not vote” with a nod to red states with low populations in proportion to their geographical size.

But each state gets two senators regardless of their population so mostly vacant Wyoming with fewer people than many medium size cities gets the same number of votes in the Senate as does California which is equal to about 67 Wyoming's. My home town Columbus metro area is 3x the entire state of Wyoming.

The accumulated power of a hand full of low-population states can hamstring the will of the VAST majority of the people.

So where do the GOP loyalties really lie?

They are not good at their jobs of representing the voters of their districts. They are, however very good at representing wealthy donors who often do not even have an office or a residence in their districts.

Historically unemployment rates rise under Republican administrations. The wealth of the 1% also rises along with their precious stocks. But the wages of their voters have been stagnant in terms of income and sending power for 40 years. Of 23 increases in minimum wage 21 were passed under Democratic administrations.

Republicans rely on some pretty big factual distortions to persuade their base to keep them in power. They claim to be the masters of the economy. They are not. They claim to care about the deficit. They don’t. They claim to be concerned about national debt. They’re not.

Other than wars forced upon us it has been GOP presidents who spent trillions in losing battles over the decades.

A deficit is the difference between what you spend and what you take in. For you and me that is the difference between solvency and bankruptcy, perhaps homelessness. For governments it means you either increase your income, cut services to average citizens or borrow money.

Under most GOP led administrations the first impulse is to lower income by cutting taxes on the wealthy who donate to their campaigns then try to cut services for those who don’t have the money to donate.

When those fail they borrow money. First they hit up the taxpayers who have the least, by trying to tap our Social Security. They borrow from deep pockets like China and Japan. Between the two we owe them about $2.4 trillion or just $400 billion more than the tax cut Trump gave to the rich.

Had republicans insisted the rich pay the same as they already were that could almost pay off those debts. Instead he gave away our income and we pay billions in interest to maintain debts.

So with all this mounting debt ( both parties do it ) and with average worker’s incomes stagnant, why would average voters keep putting the same people in power? It all goes back to item 3, above. Propaganda.

The big winners from administration to administration is the top few percent of the wealthiest Americans who have the financial clout to hire lobbyists and donate millions of dollars to political campaigns. The majority of those funds are used to propagate a false image of the party, to perpetuate their power and for corporate interest to dictate economic policy that benefits the wealth few over the rest of our citizens.

We have allowed our nation to become a virtual oligarchy in service to the wealthy owners of the GOP.

Efforts to correct this imbalance often come up in congress but with the multitude of low population red states each having the same senate voice as do more populous regions, the minority who favor corporate interests continue to prevent the actual people of America from having any say over their own economic future.

Bottom line. The GOP is not on your side unless you have millions of dollars to donate to their mission.

Suggest you read this by one of theiro own now retired GOP staffers.


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